What Makes Acai a Scam? Acai and Free Trial Offers Explained

Many sites selling acai berry supplements are offering free trials, which has many people asking, “Is acai a Report Scam and get your money back?” The answer is more complicated than yes or no. Acai berry itself is a very nutritious super fruit with a great deal of potential as a health supplement. But its popularity means there are a good number of companies looking to make a quick buck, even if that means scamming you out of your hard-earned money.

But if you know what to look for, you can help protect yourself from these scammers.What is the offer?If the company proclaims to offer a free sample, you can be almost assured you are in for a scam. First of all, no company can afford to give away $100 worth of free acai berry supplement to everyone who wants to try it. There are always strings attached. And just think, what if no one ends up signing up for a long term order? Wouldn’t that set a company back by hundreds of thousands of dollars if they were really giving away the real thing? Remember that they’d have to think about what they stand to gain also. The bottom line is giving away a product like the acai supplement simply isn’t possible.What Do They Actually Send Me?In most cases, individuals who avail of the free trial offers get just what they promise in the ad, usually a bottle of acai supplements good for a few weeks.

But don’t be fooled by whatever supposed price they put on the giveaway though. It would be so easy for them to value a free sample bottle at $50 for instance, and then give you one that’s only worth half that.Rather than a quality supplement, they are shipping you a dried out and nutritionally empty product. They are looking to do several things with this gift. First, they want you to think they are trustworthy. They want you to think that you really did get a free $50 gift of this amazing supplement. They sent you free acai berry, they are clearly trying to win you over.

The acai berry scam artists also want you to think you are having some benefit from this product. Since you now think they are trustworthy, you’re more likely to experience a placebo effect and actually think the supplement has done something.So where is the acai scam?Unfortunately, this is where many people learn about the scam the hard way. If they do not sign up for the product, they may still end up paying for it. Many people receive bills in the hundreds of dollars from the acai berry scam. How does this happen?As we know, it all starts harmlessly enough.

You come across a free trial offer and register for it. To receive your free sample, you’d need to enter your credit card details supposedly for shipping charges. The problem lies when you don’t read the fine print – usually found at the bottom of the last page. It typically says there that if you do not cancel your free subscription within a certain number of days, the company has the right to send you a regular supply of the acai supplements and bill you accordingly. Imagine how shocked you are going to be when you receive your credit card bill and find not the $5 shipping charges you expected but a bill close to a hundred dollars!

How do they get away with making acai a scam?These unscrupulous companies are able to perpetrate their fraudulent practices because of the many deceived customers, only few really go out of their way to demand their money back or make a formal complaint about these businesses. Most just chalk it up to a lesson learned the hard way and a hundred dollars down the drain. And all they ever wanted was a free sample of acai. But now you know the truth. Free acai is nothing but a bait to lure people to part with their hard-earned money for a bottleful of junk.

Free acai berry offers may be the easiest way to tell if a company is a scam, but they are not the only way. You have to be careful as scam artists can be very clever in their attempts to get into your wallet. For those asking is acai a scam, your best option is to simply stick with the well-known companies and reduce your risk to start.Free acai is a scam but is weight loss with acai a scam too? Know the answer by dropping by our site today! You’ll learn about the real benefits of pure acai berry supplements as well as side effects and indepth reviews of recommended products.

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