What is the taste of Scottish dishes?

Black Bun. Fruit cake covered with pastry,What is the taste of Scottish dishes? Articles prepared few weeks before New Year’s buy pappy van winkle. It can absorb whole alcohol used while cooking. Black Bun traditionally has raisins, almonds, currants and lot of cinnamon and ginger inside. How you know a good Black Bun? When it sticks to a knife while cutting it, it’s done.Scotch Broth. This traditional Scottish soup is made of mutton. If possible, it should be cooked very long, until it becomes really tender, then left overnight. Scotch Broth is very thick, filled with chunks of meat and vegetables. Should be served piping hot.

Stovies. This dish may not be the most noble of origin, but it is very popular among the country. Stovies consist of potatoes, onions and sometimes a little bit of meat. Stovies were “invented” when noblemen gave their servants leftovers from Sunday’s meal.

Scotch Pies. In Scotland even pies are often filled with meat. Keep it in mind, especially when you would like to eat something sweet and you are vegetarian. Of course, if you order apple pie or a cheesecake there shouldn’t be any beef or chicken.

Haggis. Haggis description doesn’t sound tasty at all – lamb’s stomach filled with suet, stock, liver and sometimes other offal. It’s boiled, minced and combined with oatmeal, onion, pepper and spices. Some say it has a nice flavor. What’s more – these who don’t eat meat can try vegetarian version of haggis.

Yet another interesting thing is what Scots drink. Whole world connects them with whisky. Well, people are not mistaken. What else? It would be almost a crime forgetting about Irn-bru. Irn-bru is carbonated soft drink manufactured in Scotland and for years it has been even more popular than coke.

Of course dishes presented above are only a few of Scottish delicacies. Probably local breakfast wouldn’t rank high in Europe. Usually it consists of porridge, or at least some dishes containing oatmeal (it is surprisingly popular in whole country). Having breakfast like this everyday would might make of us really huge people.

You can try all of these dishes when visiting Scotland, and don’t worry, you will be fine after this food, really, don’t worry.

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