Top Quality Dental Anesthetics, Cements and Liners Available at Kaya Dental

 Kaya Dental, a new online یونیت دندانپزشکی supply company, offers a full line of high quality dental products, including cements and liners, dental anesthetics, Topical Anesthetic Gel and more. Those looking to buy dental equipment, including Dental Implant Tools and hygiene/preventive products, can also find it all in one convenient location.

 Local anesthesia isof utmost importance in modern-day dental practices. According to Margaret I. Scarlett, DMD, writing for, patients are increasingly “demanding better and more painless dental procedures.”Those seeking out anesthetics from top manufacturers can click here to see Kaya Dental’s range of products including:

“Even though local anesthesia was introduced to the dental profession more than one hundred years ago,” she writes, “today’s options for anesthetizing specific sites in the mouth have become more varied, with dental professionals having many more options to ensure the comfort and safety of their patients.”

 Liners are materials that are placed as a thin coating (usually 0.5 mm) on the surface of a cavity preparation. Although they provide a barrier to chemical irritants, they are not used for thermal insulation or to add bulk to a cavity preparation

 Materials that are considered cements can be used for 2 different purposes; the first is to retain restorations or appliances in a fixed position in the mouth. The other is as a restorative filling material, used either alone or with other materials. In this situation, the material would be referred to as a base.

 As with liners and bases, cements also reduce microleakage by sealing the interface between the tooth and the restoration. Dental cements can be categorized as either temporary (short-term) or permanent (final). Dentisty Today offers the following definitions for these important dental products:

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