Reduce the Stress Level on Your Next House Project- 3 Ways an Architect can Help

There are many ways homeowners can reduce unnecessary stress and frustration, here are three reasons you might consider using an top residential architects in Florida to help. An architect can: Help alleviate some of a homeowner’s stress by educating them on exactly what can be expected from the first day that the homeowner begins looking seriously at home design magazines for ideas, through construction, all the way to move in day! Architects can review the many things that have potential to go wrong during the process.

They can also suggest how problems might be resolved, should they arise. The greatest frustration on nearly any project stems from miscommunication: Architects can act as mediator in disputes between owner and builder, or in assisting family members to meet a consensus. Architects can assist owners in finding qualified builders, with deciphering architect and builder jargon, and by providing suggestions for way to deal with obstacles during construction.

2. Review construction as it progresses, and provide status reports and suggestions for dealing with unforeseen situations. Whether or not the contractor assigns a project manager to a project, the owner is still responsible for evaluating the construction as it progresses, and making decisions regarding change orders. The value in hiring an architect is having a trained eye regularly checking for adherence to the contract documents, working with the builder to work out issues, and evaluating requests for payments to assure that the amount being paid equals the work completed to date. |

The architect is able to make informed decisions regarding the impact of changes, and will present the information to the owner for a final decision. An architect can relieve the homeowner from trying to answer the multitude of questions that arise during construction, culling only the most important questions that truly require the homeowner’s attention- such as key design changes or scope and cost increases.

3. Consult with buyer, prior to purchase, on the suitability and future opportunities or constraints of a house or site under consideration. Most buyers and sellers consider a home inspection a necessity before closing on a property. Many people do not realize, however, that an architectural consultation can be equally valuable in the process of buying or selling a house. A home inspector views a property for the status of the physical conditions.

An architect can offer suggestions regarding a home’s potential. Potential includes opportunities for future growth or adaptability to lifestyle changes ideas for home improvements, site suitability, or alternatives for dealing with unusual situations. These insights can be helpful in assessing whether a home is best suited to the buyers’ present and future needs, and whether changes being considering are architecturally feasible.

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