Link Building Tips: How To Build Effecive and Quality Backlinks For Your Website

Backlinks from other Contextual Backlinks websites to your website is used as a determining factor by the major search engines of how popular your website is. Each backlink to your websites is considered by the search engines as a popularity ‘vote’ and the more inbound website links to your website, the more popular and valuable your website becomes in the search engine rankings and this is confirmed in the higher page ranking attained.

Individual backlinks are not of equal status, as the major search engines have a hierarchy of values for different types of backlinks. But first of all inbound backlinks pointing to your website must belong to websites which are of a higher ranking to your website, this type of backlink will mean a positive increase in the hierarchy of values. Adversely, a backlink from a website with a lower page ranking than your website may undoubtedly reduce the page ranking of the receiving website.

Backlinks received from must be based on quality not quantity, the choice of whether a potential backlink website is suitable or not should be decided just to increase the quantity of backlinks. The quality and page ranking of the potential back-linking website must be the determining factor whether to accept or refuse the backlink.

Link building is an essential part of search engine optimization also called it is the backbone of your Search Engine Ranking because Google gives the value of links. Why Google gives value of a backlink because the backlink is the vote of popularity in the eyes of Google and links shows how popular the sites among the people. So Link building is very important for The Webmasters who want to make consistent money by SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

1.      Article Directories Links: Backlinks from article sites is very important and very powerful in the eyes of Google because google gives the authority to article directories if you than any other sites because people read articles for information and education so if you get a backlink from article sites it is very powerful for your sites.

And another aspect of this kind of backlinks is if you put a link to your article and that article is republishing to multiple sites and your backlinks is multiplying so you get a much more backlinks. Submit your articles to article directories like Ezinearticles, articlebase, articledashboard etc. You can search on Google like top 20 article directories you will see a good list of article sites.

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