Company Documents – What Do We Need

Nowadays companies can be registered also online using the website of company registration agents. When the registration is to be carried out in paper form, for a limited company, the following company documents have to be prepared. The first document is a form which contains the company details, such as the name, the location of the registered رخصة تجارية في دبي headquarters address, the consenting company’s secretary and director or directors (if applicable). The information on the share capital and the details regarding the individual classes of shares has also to be included for companies that are limited by shares.

An important item of the documentation for a company is a memorandum of association. The memorandum contains all the names as well as all the signatures of the company forming subscribers. When companies are to be limited in terms of shares, the memorandum should also indicate a commitment for each subscriber to take one share at least. The articles of association are another part of the company documents. In the articles, the rules for the operation of the company are outlined, the internal management details, and the legal responsibility to be taken are included. There is also the opportunity for companies to avail themselves of the standard articles available for such purposes.

The memorandum of association and the articles of association, as well as the form with the company name, address and other details can also be downloaded from the Companies House website. To be certain that they will fill in the documents or modify them as appropriate to their company’s scope of activity and business, company owners can turn to lawyers or company formation agents to obtain the documents from them.

Nowadays the preparation of a business plan is crucial for laying the basis of business success. The business plan has two purposes, and there is also a third advantage of having a business plan drawn up by a professional in corporate document drafting. First of all, the plan is used as a guide throughout the existence of the company, as its blueprint, and managers and owners can use it to analyse their work and introduce changes if needed to increase company profitability. Secondly, there is a requirement for a company to have a business plan if it intends to seek financing, because it contains information on the company’s functioning and future projections. For internationally active companies, the added benefit is that the business plan helps to evaluate each company’s business potential on the foreign market.

In the course of the functioning of a company there are company documents that have to be prepared at regular intervals or when the need arises. Some of the most commonly prepared documents are of the accounting type, including receipts, payment invoices, cash invoices, etc. The documents which help to organise the financial information into sets of data for the purposes of analysis or other purposes are the financial statements. They can be prepared on a monthly, quarterly, yearly basis, or on demand. The accounting documents which are prepared on a yearly basis are the most useful and provide the deepest insight as they contain a large set of information items and provide an exhaustive idea of the performance of the company in the course of the specific year.

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