An Architect Explains Urban Planning Vs Master Planning

An top residential architects in Miami can help with both master and urban planning. Both types of planning are a combination of an art and science. While both have similarities, there is a distinct difference between the two.

Master planning looks at how each piece of land will be used in an area. The area could be a university campus, a hospital park, a small rural town or a city. Planning like this deals with deciding where certain pieces will go. A master plan provides a guide on how an area will grow in the future. The drawings are used in decisions about possible changes and developments. A plan like this will look at various constraints and how different things will affect an area. This type of planning is a wide-ranging discipline that can be done by an architect or other professionals, such as civil engineers. The goal of master planning is to anticipate future growth.

Many cities use master plans as well as different neighborhoods. When people move into a neighborhood, they need to look at the master plan. It is possible that roads and buildings can still be added even if the neighborhood looks complete. An unconstructed building site also needs a master plan. An architect uses this type of planning on a micro-scale when designing a building and its surrounding area. An architect must think about the infrastructure of the building first. After that, it must be decided where certain streets and utilities will go to accommodate the building. In addition, integrating communication tools and devices have been added to certain areas because of technology.

Urban planning is used in high-density cities. When you think of urban planning, you think of cities such as San Francisco. When doing this type of planning, an architect looks as certain components, such as the transit and transportation system. The architect also looks at high traffic areas and ways to improve them. Without urban planning, cities with big populations would be poorly organized for future growth. Good urban planning needs to anticipate potential growth and traffic to minimize any problems in the future. Highways and the overall transportation system are big components of urban planning. Urban planning is a focused master plan and a type of master planning.

Planning helps to minimize some of the chaos that growing areas can cause. An architect needs to look at various factors when helping to do any type of planning. Master planning and urban planning both have the same goal of helping to plan for future growth to minimize problems.

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