Can Exercise Stop Hair Loss

Can Exercise Stop Hair Loss?


Having hair loss can be caused by several things, such as heredity, hormones, certain medical conditions, to stress.

exercise can stop hair loss
exercise can stop hair loss

So if you experience hair loss problems, the first thing you should find out first is the cause, then you can determine how to deal with hair loss as you want, either naturally or using other methods.

exercise can stop hair loss

Regarding the theme we discussed this time, maybe some of you are still looking for a relationship between sports with hair loss. Are they related to each other? The answer is “CAN BE”.

Because it has been mentioned before that excessive stress can trigger hair loss. And exercise is one of the effective ways to relieve or eliminate stress.

Relationship of Stress With Hair Loss

There are at least three types of hair loss that can be associated with stress problems. The first is alopecia areata, which is a condition in which white blood cells attack your hair follicles, making hair stop growing and easy to loose.

Secondly, physical and emotional stress can also trigger a telogen effluvium condition that forces your hair into a resting phase, which also makes hair fall out easily.

The latter is trichotillomania, which is a condition where you will compulsively pull your own hair as you are aware. This behavior is often shown by those who experience stress, anxiety, tension, and other negative feelings of attack.

Benefits of Exercise in Overcoming Hair Loss

Almost all types of sports ranging from light ones like yoga, to heavy sports like lifting weights and rock climbing can help you deal with stress.

And this is certainly very good for preventing the three types of hair loss as mentioned earlier. Regular exercise will increase the production of endorphins, which are compounds that make you feel happy and comfortable. This will really help you to relax and deal with stress, and eliminate negative thoughts.

Additional Tips

See your regular doctor to find out other possibilities that could be the cause of your hair loss problem.

Or you can ask for advice on a healthy diet that you can eat to help overcome problems from the body. Because you need to know too, some hair vitamin supplements can also help stop hair loss that you experience.

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