10 Fast Ways To Grow Your Hair Longer

10 Fast Ways To Grow Your Hair Longer

Our hair is sometimes difficult to long, Things like this are often experienced. Whether because of the wrong haircut, or you want to get the ideal haircut before the trend hurts change, you expect hair to be long in an instant.
Fast Ways To Grow Your Hair Longer
Fast Ways To Grow Your Hair Longer

1. Egg white

One of the best ways to lengthen your hair you can try yourself at home. Provide three eggs, take the white part, then shake until blended. Apply to entire hair while massaged, then let stand 5-10 minutes. The nutrients in the egg soak into the hair, making it stronger and healthier. Healthy hair rich in vitamins is the most effective trick to accelerate hair growth.

2. Increase the consumption of water

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day not only makes the body fitter, but also activates cells in the hair that accelerate its growth. The stronger the tissue in the hair, the more fertility is also maintained.

3. Consumption of protein

Protein is useful for meeting the nutritional needs important for hair growth. For fast hair growth, meet your protein needs by eating red meat, chicken, fish, nuts, dairy products, and eggs.

4. Vitamin B

To stay healthy and fertile, your hair also needs vitamin B. Without adequate intake of B vitamins, hair will be dry, brittle, and cracked. Take a multivitamin that contains B vitamins, which are also found in bananas and pepper.

5. Hot oil scalp massage

Some beauty salons and spas now provide scalp massage treatments with special oils. The warmth that seeps into the scalp stimulates hair growth and health. Healthy hair will grow more easily.

6. Reduce blow-dry

Blow-dry can dry your hair quickly, especially if you are in a hurry. But if the hair is exposed to too much hot air from the hair dryer, it can cause dry hair and broken hair. To keep hair healthy, dry your hair in a natural way, let it air in the air freely or use a hair-dryer in a distance that is not too close and the temperature is not too hot.

7. Olive oil

Since time immemorial, olive oil has been trusted as an ingredient for treating hair. Our ancestors used it not only to smooth hair, but can also enhance the growth process of hair quickly. How to use olive oil, drop 4 to 5 drops of olive oil after shampooing, then massage the scalp. Let stand overnight so that the olive oil content is absorbed on the scalp. In the morning, do not forget to wash your hair thoroughly.

8. Green Tea

Green tea is one of the natural ingredients for lengthening hair. Having a high antioxidant content in green tea can make blood circulation to the hair much better than before. In addition, green tea also serves to make hair growth faster and healthier. The natural way to use it is to brew green tea, then smear it on the scalp and all hair. Draw the hair wrap using a towel, then after 20 minutes rinse thoroughly.

9. coconut milk

Can not believe that coconut milk can be to extend. This is one of the most popular techniques used in promoting hair growth. By taking care using this method, the hair will also become softer and shiny. When done regularly, significant results can be seen in hair growth. Do this steps three to four times in a week. Apply 300 to 500 ml of coconut milk to the scalp and hair. Cover hair with a warm towel and let stand for 15 to 20 minutes, rinse with cold water.

10. Apple Skin

Apple skin has several basic vitamins that can improve blood circulation to the scalp. When the circulation runs smoothly, it will have a good effect on growth to lengthen hair. This polyphenol-rich fruit can fight the problem of hair loss. Apple skin can make your hair healthier and more nutritious. How to care, smooth the apple skin, then apply to the hair. Let stand for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Traditional Ways to Grow Your Hair Long

As you well know, each person has their own characteristics. There are thick, thin, long, short hair, etc. But for those of you who prefer to have long and thick hair, there are a few tips from ancient times and no less good than the famous shampoo now. Here are tips you can do, including:
  1. Wash at least 2 times a day by washing hair from end to end.
  2. First use the shampoo you normally use.
  3. If your shampoo does not look useful, immediately take the leaves of aloe.
  4. Take the sap from the aloe, then wash all parts of your hair.
  5. The impact that is raised does feel a little itchy on the scalp.
  6. If in 2 weeks your hair doesn’t look long, prepare a spice that is hazelnut and a little cooking oil.
  7. Burn the hazelnut from the fire.
  8. After the hazelnut turns dark brown, soak it with cooking oil.
  9. Wash to all parts of your hair with hazelnut added with oil.
  10. Candlenut plus cooking oil can be added again with chicken bile.

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